Half United: The Gift That Gives Back

I was extremely excited when I connected with the brand, “Half United".  I was taken back by their kindness and their good deeds they perform on a daily basis.  They are based in Wilmington NC and their mission is fully committed to fighting hunger for children in need.  Their organization demonstrates their commitment by donating proceeds from each purchase/sale they make.

The brand was created in 2009…by a sister and brother team making items here in the US and in Haiti where they are able to employee 70 plus women, who in turn are help and sustain their immediate families.  Their brands like Half United make shopping easy and most rewarding.  Your purchases of their high-quality jewelry and hand bags have proceeds directly funneled to feeding children and families.  Here in the US about 1 in every 5 children go hungry at some point during the year.  However, in Haiti more than 45% of the entire population is undernourished and 1 in 5 children go hungry every day.

These numbers are a sobering reminder of exactly what is going on in many parts of the world we live in.  I know from my own personal experiences and health challenges it can be easy to become wrapped up in our own private world.  We need to stop and realize for many in other parts of the world people  are in a fight for basic life necessities that continues daily.

Please check out their incredible and inspiring story.  I would not want you to miss out on any information on this great company.