I started Lucky Traveler Boutique in 2020 after leaving my corporate job in 2019.  During that time, I accumulated over 12 years’ experience in retail and corporate at Bloomingdales and Bed Bath & Beyond.  Shortly thereafter, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  I thought my time of being sick was well behind me after my liver and portal vein transplant at age 7. From my trials and tribulations of being sick as a kid, you would think that “I’ve seen it all”. 

Well, 25 years later, my body thought otherwise.  I always knew I wanted to open a clothing boutique since I was incredibly young but other things always seemed to get in my way.  After my most recent diagnoses, I knew life was too short to keep pushing off a dream.  It was either now or never.


I decided to take the “leap of faith” and have not looked back. Creating Lucky Traveler has been a labor of love and made me genuinely happy.  It gave me purpose in life again after almost losing it after getting sick.  I truly hope you love shopping here as much as I love buying the merchandise for you.  Thank you for sharing my journey with me, as I am profoundly grateful for all the support.



Founder and CEO of Lucky Traveler Boutique