Brave Country, Brave Leather

I am extremely excited to bring in designer belts from Brave Leather.  These belts are ethically made from our neighbors in Ontario Canada.  These unique belts are 100% vegetable tanned Italian leather and are especially eco-friendly.  Their vegetable tanning is free of any toxic chemicals.  This leather is from the food industry in order to ensure no animal is sacrificed for it’s skin.  In fact some of the original belts made in 1992 are still worn today.  Please check out their philosophy statement noted below: 

Born in 1992 by Scott Irvine who originally started with a street stand in Toronto Canada.  These belts might seem more expensive than the average worn designer belts, but when you buy a leather belt when do you ever replace it?  My answer is never, as many of the original bets are still being worn today.  And we all know leather like this gets better with age.  It makes me think of my Frye or Penelope Chilvers boots which only get better over time.  Personally, I see a belt like this as an investment piece like a designer handbag.  It is the center of your outfit depending on how you style or wear it.  Wouldn’t you want an amazing quality that refuses to go out of style?