The Start of Fall, Back to School, and Launching a Store in the Pandemic

Back to school? Home school? Somewhere in the middle?

The one thing I loved as a teen was back to school shopping.  I remember being in middle school, going to transition to high school: the excitement my childhood friend and I would have when it came to shopping for the fall semester.  This is the exact feeling I have for shopping for Lucky Traveler Boutique. Yes, things are different with COVID-19, and not everyone’s fall looks the same. But that excitement for the new school year, the smell of fall, crisp morning air, and the changing leaves has remained the same. Some way or another this year we're doing something to get us back to that feeling.

I want to say around 60% of everything I have picked so far for Lucky Traveler Boutique are brands I personally own or have worked with. The other 40% is finding these brands at Coterie, The Digital Fall Show.   It was always a dream of mine to head to this show and walk the aisles at Javits Center. I think that was my moment to feel like I finally made it. That has not changed, it's just now sitting in the comfort of my home office shopping the brands. 

With not having a client base yet, I am going in slightly blind on what I am ordering. A good buyer looks at the target market and demographic they are trying to achieve. Since we're online only and can ship worldwide, it seems like the world is my oyster.  My goal is to target women in every part of the world: to have boutique where mom and daughter can both shop and find something they each love and cannot wait to wear.  I am really excited to reach that goal.

As we grow, we will learn what customers are shopping for and grow the brands.  However, no matter our size, we will always stick by our principles:  bringing in great quality at price points everyone can afford, items that are substantially made, women owned, and made in the USA. 

We hope you enjoy the store and check back for monthly blogs about what brands are coming in, what makes them special, and the merchandise we chose and why.  We may also sneak in some posts about the climate of how retail is doing, any sales or promotions we may have, and what its like running a business with a chronic illness.